A bit more news regarding the loom? problem listed in a previous thread.
I'm a bit of a basic mechanic on the side but haven't had the time to look at my car because of work, but today i had a spare hour so i thought i'd try a few things just to see what would happen.
After pushing and pulling the loom all over the place with no difference at all i began to think the original theory about a wiring loom fault was beginning to look a bit weak.
After disconnecting and reconnecting everything with no difference i got to the temp 2 sensor ( i think that is what its called, back of head looks like a temp sensor with a three wire plug on the end) and, well after a bit of effort it will now start from the key although it is very flat, and so to the question.
Will the engine run but run crap with the temp sensor disconnected or is it still something else making it run crap, i have a feeling the sensor is knackered and over fueling all the time.
Based with this new information does anyone have any furhter thoughts on the problem.
PS. Can't get new sensor to try till tomorrow.