My brother in law has just fitted a 18e head to his 20seh bottom end transferring all the engine loom, ECU etc over too. When we started it for the first time it ran lumpy then cut out. After investigation we found that the injectors are getting a continuous 12v instead of pulsing, therefore flooding the engine. The fuel pump also runs continuously when the ignition is on rather than priming. He checked for faults in the engine loom before replacing it with one from another GTE (complete with another ECU) and the problem is still there.

We are starting to think it may be a problem with the car's wiring loom as it can't be the engine loom, nor a faulty injector as all four are doing the same. Is it the ECU that controls the pulses sent to the injectors. When we checked the pins on the ECU going to the sensors (so theoretically 12v outputs) most of them went to ground???

The cause of many problems is probably due to one simple thing but we are buggered if we can find what it is. Any ideas?