omega cylinder head
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Thread: omega cylinder head

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    omega cylinder head

    bad news, exhaust manifold bolt snapped off and starting to blow, bolt has snapped into head, its on the right hand side of the engine so the engine does not have to come out, does the head have to come off? if so is it an easy job? took all inlet off the other day is that half way there? any recommendations to sort it without taking the head off? cheers mat

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    Best bet would be to take head off, as its a little tight in there!!!

    I'm afraid what you did the other day was not even half way there!!!

    Remove water deflector panel and wiper arms
    Remove all the inlet manifolds, like you did earlier.
    Drain cooling system
    remove spark plugs
    disconnect wiring connectors from coolant temp gauge sensor + coolant sensor for ECU
    Disconnect coolant hoses from head outlet (in the V)
    Remove timing belt
    Remove camshaft sprockets, timing belt tensioner pulley + lower guide pulley
    Remove water pump
    Remove timing belt rear cover
    Remove Oil filter
    Remove Exhaust manifold
    Remove exhaust camshaft

    Then you can undo the head bolts (make sure engine is cold) and use new bolts on refitting.

    Hell of a job mate.

    I've done the timing belt, which takes 2-3 hrs. God knows what thats going to be like!!!!

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