Help please! Which Cally Turbo oils?
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Thread: Help please! Which Cally Turbo oils?

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    Arrow Help please! Which Cally Turbo oils?

    Hi guys,
    as I am about to change the clutch on dear Cally, I want to be 100% certain as to which kinds of oils to use. Please let me know what you think! Any help is appreciated - at the very least, join the fun and add to the confusion...!

    TXB: NotNormal suggested SHC 75W/90 and that´s when I started wondering....
    I thought the TXB used some kind of special oil with limited slip
    properties. Andy Kirwan´s how2 specifies "Vauxhall synthetic 90 443 530" but of course I don´t know the specs of this oil...? Any suggestions?

    As for the F28 gearbox - NotNormal suggested a straight SAE80. Well in that case, would any kind of good old mineral-based SAE80 be best? Can´t I use Mobilube1 SHC 75W/90? - or will that damage the gearbox or cause other kinds of unexpected problems?

    The PAS oil seems pretty much straight forward, Dextron III - everyone seems to agree on that. Is Dextron III synthetic? I remember something about the first Turbo´s running on mineral-based PAS oil until it was changed to a synthetic oil which supposedly lasts longer?

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    Transfer box:

    People have put Mobil 75W/90 gear oil in however I use the Vauxhall stuff, heard that this is made by Mobil for the Trans box.

    Gear box & Rear diff:

    Mobil 75/90 is about the best you can get for this

    Power steering:

    ATF dextron II or III

    Have a look on there is a howto here describing how to change all this inc. bleeding the PAS system

    Lot of people who know turbo's inside out on


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