EGR Motor/Air Pump thingy problem
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Thread: EGR Motor/Air Pump thingy problem

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    Question EGR Motor/Air Pump thingy problem

    Dunno if anyone will be able to help me with this, hope so, here goes.........

    When I bought my 1994 Cav Sri 16v (X20XEV) in August I could hear a faint humming noise from the passenger side on startup when the engine was cold. I understand this to be the EGR air pump?

    Well, lately it's got noisier, and started to sound more like a vacuum cleaner than a slight humming.

    Yesterday I started the car and it is now making grinding noises, and appears to be almost cutting out for a split second.(the EGR thingamajig, not the engine, the engine seems fine)

    I've traced the noise to the air pump/EGR Motor (whatever its correct name is) inside the passenger side wing, and as soon as it stops running (after a minute or so) the grinding noise stops too.

    My question is:- Do I wait until the thing finally gives up the ghost, or should I replace it ASAP? How important is it? I'm guessing here, but, I assume it's used to recirculate unburnt fumes etc back into the combustion cycle to reduce emmisions. Does this also save the CAT from being damaged by said unburnt gases??

    Anyway, basically, how critical is it, and do you think I should replace it before it dies?

    Thanks in advance,

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    It is rumoured that the EGR system can be removed without problems, indeed Ozzy Vectras have a blanking plate where the EGR valve is. It does help to get the cat up to temperature quicker, but as long as you don't do lots of short journeys, this isn't an issue.

    It might be worth having someone look at it, just to get rid of the noise.

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    I thought it was the secondary air injection.

    The EGR is just a valve plumbed between exhaust manifold and inlet manifold.

    Secondary air injection is there to decrease exhaust gass emissions when the engine is cold, by raising the temp of the exhaust thus the temp of the CAT.

    System components are PUMP, air cut-off valve and solenoid valve.

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