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    Unhappy Cam followers

    my J plate astra gsi has the old noisy tappet problem and was wondering the best way of fixing it . if i was to buy new tappets from vauxhall or another source how much would i be talking ?

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    Noisy cam followers

    Try using oil flush and then changing oil filter and oil, 5W/40 or even 0W/40. If the followers/tappets are really gummed up, it may take several oil changes to get rid of the noise. Use of "thick" oil, 15W/40, just allows more wear when cold.

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    If they are noisy there are three possible causes

    i) they are physically damaged on the heel surface which you can check by inspection
    ii) the hydraulic valve inside has become siezed, this can be check on stripdown.
    iii) the oil feed drilling to the follower or into the follower has become blocked.

    If you are considering replacing them, the cams have to come out anyway, why not remove the followers and check to see if any are sticking, just pop them apart and see if the hydraulic valve meoves easily in and out (oo-err) of the central pillar. If it catches and does not move freely then strip the hydraulic valve out and clean/linish with P1200 wet/dry till it does. The re-assemble and oil. also check that the inner spring is intact and not broken.

    If the heels of the follower is worn or pitted then it warrants replacement.

    If the feed holes or holes in the followers themselves are blocked, flush them with carb cleaner or similar until they are unblocked.

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