High Mileage Vaux Diesels - any good ?
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Thread: High Mileage Vaux Diesels - any good ?

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    High Mileage Vaux Diesels - any good ?

    We're looking to get a load lugger for my wife. As she'll be doing loats of miles it's going to be diesel (unfortunately). There appears to be plenty of high mileage diesel Vectra estates knocking about ('97-99). As I know nothing about diesels :-

    1) Are the high mileage Veccies likely to be reliable?
    2) What are servicing costs like for a diesel ?
    3) Any tips on what too look for to make sure it's a good 'un?
    4) Are we better off getting an older car with lower mileage for the same price?

    Any help appreciated,


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    Sean McManus
    Hi Mark don't worry about the high mileage whan I had my cav diesel I px it with over 200,000 on the clock and it's still going today. Servicing does cost a little more but that tends to be offset with better mpg. You could do the servicing yourself as there not much to do on them just oil, fuel and air changes.

    Try and get a turbo diesel much better for overtaking than non turbo. Should you want to tune it there a company call Vanaaken there do a box which plugs into the ecu up's the power if you want more info on that let me know I have used them myself and they know what there doing.

    Not really any tips to see whether it's a good'un just make sure it has a full service history.

    Hope this help's


    Sean McManus

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