Starter Motor compatability
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Thread: Starter Motor compatability

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    Starter Motor compatability

    My starter motor replacement came today its out of a Cavalier Gsi,which I want to put in my 1991 cavalier(2 litre 8 vavle) Sri,but there are some differences.
    The Gsi starter motor has less mass and a thinner body.The Solenoid is smaller in length and fatter and looks like its sits higher.The domed bit at the end appears slighty smaller,and the screw at the end of it sticks out while my starter has a flush star screw.
    Will the Gsi starter motor be alright to use in my Cavalier.
    Thanks for any advice given.
    I have just noticed my unit is a Delco one and the Gsi unit is a Bosch one,Can I use the Bosch in place of the Delco one?
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