Engine earth - Cav GSi with LET transplant.
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Thread: Engine earth - Cav GSi with LET transplant.

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    Engine earth - Cav GSi with LET transplant.

    Been having a problem with the car recently with it not starting... when I turn the key I can hear the solenoid on the starter switching but nothing else happens. Finally got round to putting the starter off the XE (that I know if fine) on it at the weekend but still the same problem.

    Starter motor ruled out we checked the voltage between the engine block and battery -ve when it was cranked and as predicted showed I have a dodgy engine earth... this was confirmed by running a jump lead from the engine block to the battery -ve and the car then started.

    Anyway, the question is aside from the earth strap that goes from the gearbox to the chassis, what else could cause this problem? It's pretty urgent as I have a vehicle pass for Billing at the weekend and wanted to go on Sunday before the car comes off the road for the winter.

    Any help/suggestions appreciated.


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    Re: Engine earth - Cav GSi with LET transplant.

    there should be an earth cable from engine (inlet manifold) to the top of the alternator
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    Re: Engine earth - Cav GSi with LET transplant.

    The earth cable from the engine to the alternator shouldnt have any bearing on this issue as its the current from the batt to the engine youve got problems with.

    id replace the earth straps from batt to chassis, and then the earth from chassis to engine with new cables for a start. Make sure that the chassis to batt and chassis to engine are taken from the same chassis point.

    Also make sure that all earth points, batt, chassis, gearbox bolt, are all cleaned with wire brush (preferably on end of drill) and greased after fitting to help seal from corrosion.

    Should solve your prob.
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