exploding top radiator hose!!
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Thread: exploding top radiator hose!!

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    Question exploding top radiator hose!!

    firstly a big hello to every1 on here this is my first time on this forum and it looks as if i'll find all my answers here!!
    heres my first problem.....
    the top radiator hose on my nova gte keeps exploding!

    any ideas what could cause this?? im pretty sure this has caused my head gasket to go, but i need to have a good look at it!!

    this is the second time in a week this hose has split. I've just purchased a brand new hose from my local vauxhall dealer, who was quite happy to lighten my wallet, but not so happy to be of any help whatsoever with any thing else!

    ive been quoted 35 for a full strengthened gasket set and studs, this sounds like a fair price to me..... but is it?? over the last few days ive felt like the performance has been dropping away, could this also be because of the head gasket? or is there something more sisinister afoot

    Thanks for your time peeps!!

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    Re: exploding top radiator hose!!

    You've probably got a headgasket problem causing the cooling system to pressurise.
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    Re: exploding top radiator hose!!

    I'd do the headgasket & flush the rad & heater matrix thru. Its an easy job on a GTE, hell Ive done 3 headgasket changes on mine in the last year (dont ask)!!
    it's a C20XE not a fookin Redtop FFS

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