hey guys

not a Vaux person myself but i`m trying to help my brother out
i wonder if anyone can help?

my bro has a 2.0 DTL Vectra-reg: P160 SKX
low pressure turbo

it died on him the other day and after diagnostics it came back as : fuel injector pump-revolution sensor thats died
Part no. R159 0037

two quotes have come back @ 900!!!

the part is in the passenger footwell apparently and the way it went was:

runs fine for 20minutes, when it gets up to temperature the engine just dies
let it cool and it`ll run again for a bit untill it gets back up to temp
also at low revs it pulls itself along but as soon as revs put on then engine dies

please help as he a skint father who`s car gonna get written off with this!!!

thanks very much in advance