which cavalier to look for for its engine?
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Thread: which cavalier to look for for its engine?

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    which cavalier to look for for its engine?

    what spec cav should i look for as i want to do a conversion soon (1.4spi sucks), as looking at autotrader web site and cavs are very cheap but i dont know what spec has what 1.8 or 2.0 i, ls, gls, sri, cdx etc.

    The garage i think i will use to do the conversion has said to go for a 1.8 or 2.0 8v as they are easier and cheaper to run than the 16v...good or bad idea?

    I am not to bothered about ultimate bhp (115 8v against 130 16v) just as long as i can keep a steady 70mph on a hill. lmao


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    Re: which cavalier to look for for its engine?

    cavalier sri is 130 bhp, check the engine codes, this should be a SEH followed by some numbers-8 valve.
    dont bother with a 1.8
    some of the lower spec cavs came with a C20NE engine, these are only 115bhp-again, these are 8 valve, so again for the same work involved you'd be better off with an SEH lump.
    2litre 16v ecotec, good for about 130 odd bhp, but will take up more room than a SEH lump due to larger cam cover-better off with an SEH lump.

    the 16v redtop (astra gte 16v, cav gsi, calibra 16v, some of the late cavalier sri) has 156bhp (20XE, no cat), or C20XE has 150bhp (has a cat).
    in a nova the 16v's are actually really economical, and the torque is amazing in such a light car!
    get a redtop mate, same amopunt of work for the conversion with more power-go figure

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