X16XEL Oil Leak from Timing Belt Area -Advice for Newbie!
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Thread: X16XEL Oil Leak from Timing Belt Area -Advice for Newbie!

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    X16XEL Oil Leak from Timing Belt Area -Advice for Newbie!

    Hi all!

    Firstly, cheers for running a great forum here - provided much invaluable advice for me and my Astra!

    I have an X16XEL engine in a 1995 Astra Sport, and it's losing oil in a big way (like 1 litre for 250 miles or less). The oil is definately coming out all around the timing belt area, cos the aux drivebelt was covered in oil as well. I've taken it to a garage to diagnose, and they reckon it could either be a camshaft seal or a head gasket - is this right or am i being conned?

    If these are the problems, i was thinking about doing the repair work myself with the aid of my trusty Haynes manual. From looking thru the forums it seems that doing the head gasket is not difficult just time consuming. The thing thats worrying me is that there'll be rusted on bolts or something which will stop me in my tracks, as once before i got stuck removing the crankshaft pulley bolt on my previous C14SE astra. I gather u can just saw off the head of that bolt (with dremel or something)and then after removing the pulley the rest of the bolt should come out? In the manual it mentions about removing the exhaust manifold - is that likely to be a tricky task? Any other pitfalls anyone knows about?

    In addition, i've noticed my PAS pump pulley is sorta vibrating sideways as it spins round, i believe the mechanic called it 'throwing'. He suggested it should be renewed - how much do the pumps cost, and how tough are they to fit? would it be worth sourcing one from a scrapper?

    Thanks for any advice you all can offer. I would really like to try and tackle this work myself as i've not done much before and am keen to learn, plus i'm dubious about paying mechanics a lot of money when it's difficult to see what work has been done!


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    Re: X16XEL Oil Leak from Timing Belt Area -Advice for Newbie!

    hose down/degrease the engine all over, then remove aux drivebelt and cambelt covers (not cambelt itself tho) and run engine, that way you`ll soon see where the oil is leaking from.

    Then come back on here and tell us ya findings, someone/everyone will soon point you in the right direction!
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