jesus i'm knackered... i'm a pretty much novice mechanic but i'm givin it a go with some mates in aid of the "i built this " effect

got the cav turbo loom stripped
prop off (thanks ian)
ripped out the engine n box in one
ripped box and transfer box off

got the astra xe loom apart( after a fight with the ecu)
xe n box out ( again in one)
xe box off ( bar one driveshaft for some reason )

got stuck as i need to change the oil pump and the crank pulley bolt won;t come off.. its feckin solid. tried heatin.. big bars.. swearing.. pretending i'm not gonna talk to it all week... stadning on it.. shouting adn it still didn;t budge so i'm stuck

gonna whack the f20 on the let with xe flywheel etc ( thanks again ian)
then drop engine in.. let ian work his magic over the loom and then get a mobile mechanic to heat it up with a oxy ocetalene torch ( i think) and burn the bugger out big stylee...

I'm am now totally shattered, but determined to get this done in a week. tuesday is the next date for revenge on the engines..


cheers everyone for the info its been a big help....

shameu all aint here to pick each bolt i need out of the massive pile i have now collected... organisation sucks!