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    Question C20xe / X20xev

    Ok, bear with me while I ask this question.
    There are 2 types of 2.0 16v engine, the SFI and the Ecotec.
    But, I have found out that some of these engines were hybrids of the 2. This must have happened at change over time.
    My mate has a Cav SRI which has a 20XE (SFI) head on it, but with the newer DIS ignition system. He also found out that it has the Ecotec bottom end, as it had the G50 idler wheel problem.

    So, my question is thus: can I just chuck a SFI head onto my Ecotec engine and if not, why not??

    Cheers guys.

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    There aren't that many versions.

    Firstly there was a 20XE redtop SFi with M2.5 ECU.
    Then there was a 20XE redtop SFi with dissy less ignition M2.8 ECU

    They that slapped an ecotec spark plug cover on the 20XE.
    Same engine though. Spark plug cover still L shaped.

    Then the real ecotec with straight spark plug covers.

    There are 2 ecotecs. Later ones are better I think. The later ones have the oil dipstick in a different place.

    They also stuck the ecotec spark plug on the turbo. Same engine again.

    No I don't think you can move the heads from 20XE to Ecotec XEV

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