One of my problems is out the way.

Next one.....before i say am not the most mechanically minded

i had a 2.0 8v engine fitted to my nova and they didnt fit an airfilter so am i right in thinking that the mass airflow meter will be getting too much air and it will cause it to splutter when you first rev it until you get the revs up.

I have already fitted new dizzy cap, plugs, leads, rotor arm and i have clean the IACV. might get a new IACV soon to be sure.

Also haha i cant select the gears properly 2nd and 4th has got no movement in the box and when the cars in neutral it looks like its in 4th gear, i have been told to "undo a nut and turn a plastic bush round" < by the lad who fitted the engine. Wheres the nut and the plastic bush.