My cambelt went while on the a1 and i got it towed to a garage near home-he replaced all 16 valves-14 having been bent-got the car back and after about 5 mile the engine management light came on-took it back and he said it was showing an emisions fault-reset it and said see if it came back on-had trouble with it mis-firing a bit and the light came on again within half hour hour-took it back and he said he would have a look but couldnt fit it in for 2 days but he told me i would be ok to drive it-took it back in and he had it a full day and got it back and it seemed to be ok-the next day when i started it up blue smoke came out of the back-had to take other half to work and then check oil and it was empty-lol-toped up with oil and started engine and it was like a steam train-smoke everywhere-got it back to the garage about half mile away and he didnt seem to have any ideas wat it was-rang him yestaday and he had still not cured it after 2 days
any one any ideas