Carlton auto gearbox
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Thread: Carlton auto gearbox

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    Carlton auto gearbox

    i have got a 2.0 carlton club estate and the 'sports' light on the dash is constantly flashing and the auto box wont change automatically, anyone got any idea what might be wrong? been into a garage but they cant solve it, also does anyone know how expensive/difficult it is swoppin an auto box over? any help on this subject would be more than helpful

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    Re: Carlton auto gearbox

    Check that it has the right leads and plugs before you do anything else. I've read that interference knocks out the autobox ecu and it goes into limp home mode.

    Apart from that check the fluid level and connections to the switch on the top of the box - these get furred up with corrosion.

    There is a way of reading the fault codes from the autobox ecu but I'm buggered if I know it
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