I've just bought an Astra GSI 2L 8 valve, until I bought it, I never knew this 8 valve existed. I've spoken 2 the main dealers & there are meant 2 a few around that they sold

Does anybody know how many were built?

Were these classed as a limited edition?

It looks identical inside & out to the GSI 16v, but the badges read GSI not GSI 16v. It has the trip computer gubbins, ABS, discs all round, the same interior as the 16v.

The only thing it lacks is the GSI wheels, traction control and er clearly the 16v engine!

If anybody has info on this model I would be grateful.

The car is sweet & is the same ins group as the SRI as it has the same mechanicals as the sri but the looks of the GSI.

Jobs a good-un as I was little wary of the 16v as the heads have known to crack or go porous or the traction control bugger up. True or untrue in general? I knew a lad who had one & loads went wrong, but he drove it like a twat & never looked after it.