Carb problems, think ive adjusted it wrong....HELP!
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Thread: Carb problems, think ive adjusted it wrong....HELP!

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    Unhappy Carb problems, think ive adjusted it wrong....HELP!

    Thought id have a go and trying to get the autochoke to work on my Pierburg carb on my 1.6 (16sv) mrk2 Astra.

    When the car starts the autochoke doesnt kick in (even if i have pressed the accelerator before turning the ingition on)

    After about a minute it decides to come on, and revs at about 1200rpm.

    It doesnt shut off untill the temp guage reaches over 3/4 mark! And then sometimes when it has shut off, it comes back on again when the temp guage goes down.

    So today i read the haynes, and whipped off the airfilter for a better look.

    I noticed a lot of crystalised antifreeze in the 2 coolant pipes, so i took them off and cleaned them out, fitted them back on.

    I then took off the choke part of the carb and had a look at how it all worked etc, getting myself familiar. I realised moving the choke lever also moved the throttle flap slightly.

    I then heard something click, and then i wasnt able to move the choke lever enough to move the throttle flap anymore.

    I thought id better check it all works, so back on went the airfilter and choke section, and started up the car.

    The choke seemed to come on much quicker, almost as soon as the car started, but it idled around 1350-1400rpm mark.

    Again i waited to see if the choke would shut off, and it kinda did when it got near the 3/4 mark again, but it only dropped down about 100rpm.

    So what have i done? Have i moved the choke into a position where its always on?

    How the feck do you adjust it properly

    Please help!
    GTE 16v

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    Re: Carb problems, think ive adjusted it wrong....HELP!

    Get rid of the autochoke and fit a manual one.
    Most motor-factors should still be able to get hold of a kit to do this,
    I did it to a mk1 astra 1.6 SR(same engine/carb as yours)about 12 years ago.
    I got my kit from halfords for around 25 but they dont do them anymore.
    If the kits are no longer available im sure you could knock something up from scrap yard parts and a bit of modding.
    Even when they work ok auto-chokes are no good,they hold the choke on for far too long in my opinion,you only need the choke for a minute or two maximum.

    Also,if your temp guage is going up to 3/4 on a regular basis while not in traffic etc there is probably something wrong!

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    Re: Carb problems, think ive adjusted it wrong....HELP!

    if it was me i'd just take the choke flap out completely, see it try and rev the engine then !

    as for the extreme high idle, they have a "fast idle" cam and adjustment screw. havent meddled with that perchance ?

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