Oil recomendation for 1.8 GSi Astra
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Thread: Oil recomendation for 1.8 GSi Astra

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    Oil recomendation for 1.8 GSi Astra

    My girlfriend has recently bought her first real car.... Astra GSi 1.8 (94). The engine is a bit noisy when starting from cold so I think the hydrolic tappets are getting a bit stuck.

    My first port of call is to change the oil and filter: What oil should I use keeping in mind that it has 100K on the clock. And should I warm the motor up before draining then fill it up warm it up then re-drain... ect!?!?

    Is there anything else I should check to stop the loud start?



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    Re: Oil recomendation for 1.8 GSi Astra

    Vauxhall semi synthetic 10w40 should be fine, aye warm it up before you drain it (not too warm) but no need to refil and drain.

    i recommend an oil flush before you drain the current oil, that might clear up the noisy cold starts, but if not then you;ll need to take the tappets out and clean them.

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