XE cooling water/oil question
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Thread: XE cooling water/oil question

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    XE cooling water/oil question

    I noticed earlier whilst snooping round the engine bay that theres 2 places where wires SHOULD be, but are not and i can't find them nowhere on the loom.

    1st one is on the back of the oil filter housing, theres a black plug with a green wire i think, and theres an extra contact just to the side of it, like a button shape thing that a clip should go on.

    I can't see the wire anywhere so can't link it up. I also noticed that the oil cooler and pipes are still cold even after an 'up to running temp' run, so obviously the oil aint going round it.....Is that dangerous? Is that starving the rest of the engine of oil?

    2ND, same senario as above, on the thermostat thios time..... i got the black plug on it (comes from engine loom) and then to the right of where the plug plugs in is another little button shapped contact where a wire should be (blue iirc) but its, again, nowhere to be seen.

    Any gen?

    P.s i'm also getting a code 13 (don't quote me on the number actually, im a bit p*ssed) a oxygen sensor fault code, open circuit..... I'm using a gsi manifold with lamda sensor, and the GTE has the plug for it, yet the gte the loom came out of didn't have a lamda sensor So if anyone can verify the wire colors on the gte loom just before the 3 pin plug i would be greatful (its not the 2 x white & 1 black, i know about those)

    Thanx again

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    Re: XE cooling water/oil question

    The one on the back of the oil filter sounds like it may be the oil light wire,and oil pressure gauge.
    The little button shaped one on the stat is for water temp gauge.
    Dont know about oil cooler,i dont have one on mine,but it wont be starving the engine of oil,dont worry,prob oil not hot enough yet.
    A standard water stat doesnt start(or shouldnt)start to open till 97 degrees,fully open at 107,so if your car is up to running temp which is about 90 the stat is shut,if your that worried replace the stat,which is prob a good thing to do with an old engine.

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