Guidence needed on clutch fitting
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Thread: Guidence needed on clutch fitting

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    Question Guidence needed on clutch fitting

    Hi, Ive got a 1990 cav, its a 1.4 and it has the clutch inspection plate, could any one please tell me how to do it and what tools i will nees,

    Many thanks

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    Re: Guidence needed on clutch fitting

    Look in Haynes manual.
    First job is getting the input shaft out.
    You need circlip pliers. The shaft is threaded. The thread is the same as that on the end of the clutch cables and the bolts that hold the selector turret on the gearbox.
    You have to screw something into the shaft so you can pull it out.

    After that you need to use compression clips that you can buy for the job, to hold the clutch compressed. Then you unbolt it and it will come out of the hatch.
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