OK I know, I know I know I know, haynes manual is junk n i shud have made a scribble or taken a foto of how the auxiliary belt goes on, but i didnt, cos im silly. so, i lookied in the haynes manual in hopoe of how to fit it, no luck!! Can anyone help? PLEASE, I beg you, cos i really wanna drive my GSi again tomorrow after weeks n months of seein it sat on the drive.

Also, another complaint abaout ***in haynes manual shat, trying to figure out how to adjust the aux belt or how to get it off even before, and all i can find is one sprung tensioner, with about half an inch of movement, no where even enough to get the belt off easily or even on again. So i refer to the haynes manual, see chapter X which sends me to section Y, which tells me to look at chaper A which says to refer to information in section B which says to see the relivant section in chapter X ..... for *** sake, do haynes knoiw anything? is there ever a straight answer? is there ever going to be a haynes manual that covers everything you will need to knowe to repair your car, and not leave you half way through an engine rebuild being sent on a mission through the book to find out the torque settings for the mains or ***in whatever!!!

Sorry for the rant but its a shame theres not another car info company making books with info in them that might be better than haynes poo poo

Oh, can anyone help mer with my first most important probem with my auxiliary belt?


P.S. Oh, did i mention the Haynes manual is ***ing DOG TOFFEE!! ... would be lost without it tho lmao