Running the c20xe engine with disconected air flow meter.
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Thread: Running the c20xe engine with disconected air flow meter.

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    Running the c20xe engine with disconected air flow meter.

    I have a c20xe engine dizzyless with bosch motronic M2,8. When I disconect the airflow meter the ecu light does not light and the car don't go to limp home mode. The car have muchX2 better engine response, and better low end torque.
    The bad is that have very unstable idle, and it smells petrol (propably running very rich).
    So the engine may works and without the airflow meter, and using only the Throttle position sensor. So if someone take off the airflow meter (less airflow restrictions and no problem from camshafts with lot of duration) and reprogram the std ecu on the the rolling road (dyno) to run better (more stable idle, correct mixture) using only the throttle position sensor, will he see gains or not?
    Also is it danger to have damage the engine or not?
    The only bad I see is that the fuel consumption will be increased.
    I know that is difficult to answer because the most people have the older c20xe engine with bosch motronic M2.5, that immediatly lights the ecu flash when disconnected the airflow meter. But on newer c20xe engines with the hot film type airflow meter the ecu light stays off even if you disconect the airflow meter and run the engine for a long time. I was running the engine with disconnected airflow meter for half hour! Very very better engine response!!
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