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    Talking Fuel computer

    At last I've done it! Fitted my trip computer...

    My cav has a DID and being a N reg I figured it must have the wiring for a trip comp. Anyway my mate managed to get me a trip comp, Free but couldn't get switch

    Anyway being a bit of a novice when it comes to car stuff, I grabbed my haynes manual and headed off to the scrappy. I found a 94 GLS and proceeded to take the glovebox and center console with heater controls in it. I took the audio surround thing out of the GLS as well, as mines all scratched where a previous owner of my car probably had his sounds stolen. I thought i could practice on this CAV rather than make mistakes taking mine apart.

    I found the yellow plug on the GLS a couple of inches from behind the heater controls.

    On to my car then, took out glovebox & centre console. A breeze, as i now knew the do's & don'ts.
    Found yellow plug in same place as the GLS

    All back together and everything STILL works i'm amazed. lmao Trip computer looks cool now i just need the switch.....???

    Has anyone got a pic of it so i know what i'm looking for.. or a spare one

    I think I'm gonna sent it to IAN to get it reprogrammed as I'm running 195/50s R15
    Get a Cav! It's a great car!!

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    Question Re: Fuel computer

    How easy is this to do to a vectra as mine doesn't have one. I was told it was hard but if i can get the computer for the MPG readout and the looms what do I do? I've got a post called MPG readout. What do you reckon,


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