x14xe engine in2 1.2i nova
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Thread: x14xe engine in2 1.2i nova

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    x14xe engine in2 1.2i nova

    hey ppl,
    im closer 2 gettin my x14xe engine (1.4 16v corsa sport engine).
    wit the engine i am gettin:
    gearbox, drive shafts, loom, ecu, and the chip 4 the key aswell as everythin needed 2 make the engine run.

    heres my questions -

    Is there nethin else i need??
    will i need a 5speed gear linkage as mine is only a 4speed atm??
    which wires do i need 2 connect from the corsa loom??
    where is the best place 2put the corsas chip from the key??
    will my 1.2i 8v zorst manifold fit on the 16v head??

    also, wot modifications can i do 2 the engine without breakin the bank??

    all help is greatly appriciated

    cheers ppl

    u've been dun'nova!

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    Re: x14xe engine in2 1.2i nova

    Under the gearstick gaitor you'll need to cut the lug off that stops the lever moving over to the 5th gear side.
    The chip will need to go in your Nova key as the transponder loop wraps around the ignition barrel behind the coloumn shroud. It needs tobe pretty close to work.
    Wiring is per any Nova conversion, search on here for a list of wire colours.
    You should be able to use either your existing shafts or the Corsa ones, they should be the same unless the Corsa ones are longer in which case use your existing ones.
    I think you'll need a custom exhaust.
    They're there, in their room.

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