1.6 8v & 16v pistons – Differences?
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Thread: 1.6 8v & 16v pistons – Differences?

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    1.6 8v & 16v pistons – Differences?

    Apparently 1.6 8v (E16SE) pistons in 1.6 16v (C16XE) lower the compression…..

    Does anyone know if this is true? Is this a straight swap or do the con rods have to be changed too?

    Any proof to this - sums to prove this is the case? What would the compression become?

    Or, how should I go about working this out?

    Assuming this is true – any ideas on the cost of 4 E16SE pistons?

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    Re: 1.6 8v & 16v pistons – Differences?

    they will lower the comp, but not by loads, but bear in mind you'll need the pistons pocketed to clear the valves too

    they should go straight in on the 8v rods, but if you can, i'd use the 16v rods, mucho better design, especially the big end

    as for measureing the difference, you'll need to work out the swept volume of a bore and then the cc of the heads combustion chamber, which you can do by sealing a piece of plexiglass onto the head with grease, and fill it from a graduated burette, swept volume divided by swept volume = cr, but you have to take into account the dish of the piston, which again you can measure using the plexiglass/burette method

    hope this helps
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