Car wont start
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Thread: Car wont start

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    Car wont start

    Hey everyone,

    Im having some issues with my car at the moment. If I leave my car standing for about 5hours, I will not be able to start it. Then I have to start it as if i was being pushed ie. second gear, drop clutch, start ignition.
    Then, after being driven a bit, it starts no problem.

    It sounds like the starter motor ie. it wants to take, but just doesn't. But to me the symptoms are not consistent with it being the starter.

    Took it to a auto electrician yesterday. He said there is no load on the battery when the car is off and he recons its my sound system draining the battery when the car is on. I currently have a 50a battery and he recommends a 70a battery.

    But, my car wouldnt start when i wanted to go home, and i didnt even use my sound.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    ps. apparently they have checked cold start valve, crank sensor and are currently checking out the computer box.

    Kadett 200is (think its a Astra mk3 2 litre)

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    Re: Car wont start

    does it turn over at normal speed when you try to start it or is it realy slow?

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