Turbo'ing an Astra...
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Thread: Turbo'ing an Astra...

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    Turbo'ing an Astra...

    I fancy something different, and dont really wanna drop a LET in the bay, so is there some way of turboing my 1.6 8v MK3 Astra.. (you'll probably all start laughing now)... I know it's not going to be a speed demon or be potentially financally viable, i'd just like to know if it can be done, and where i'd get parts like the manifold / intercooler / hoses from?

    In an old edition of Total Vaux i read a feature on a black corsa that was a 1.4 and had been turbo'd DIY style...


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    Re: Turbo'ing an Astra...

    MIG user 'Spankee' used to have a 1.6 8v Turbo'd Nova, which iirc he built himself...

    Maybe best to speak/ pm him?

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