weird noise from fuel tank
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Thread: weird noise from fuel tank

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    Question weird noise from fuel tank

    can anyone help me?every time i open the fuel filler cap i get a loud hissing sound like a release of air,and when filling up at the pump,the trigger on the fuel nozzle justs keeps clicking unless i spend a bit of time trickling it in,does anyone know where to start to find the problem and could this be part of the problem i've been having with the car these last few weeks,ref my last thread 2weeks ago,many thanks in advance,dave

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    Re: weird noise from fuel tank

    breather hose is blocked. whats happening is you fill it with fuel, and as the fuel is being used, its leaving a vacuum in the tank. when you release the cap the noise you hear is the air rushing in. This could cause running problems as on low fuel the pump will struggle to draw fuel.

    for a quick solution drill a 2mm hole in the fuel cap.

    ideally get underneath and remove the tank, and give all the hoses a clean out
    when the gagged ones are reinstated

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