I'm going to order some KW coilovers on monday as the suspension on my car is now shocking and unsafe. A mate of mine brought a set a year ago and has had no problems what so ever from them.
Is anyone on Mig using a KW setup? I noticed the Firges sport nova does.
Also whichever shocks I buy I will need to buy new top mounts, is it worth using adjustable top mounts or should I just stick with a new standard set?
I'm going to be using the variant 2 Kw's which are fully adjustable and are sold for 650 with adjustable rear springs from Motorsports World.
If anyone knows of any problems with KW please let me know as I'm looking for a good reliable setup, also if anyone can recommend a cheaper shop it would also be appreciated.

Also whilst on the subject of suspension etc.., I find when I watch the car launch from the outside that the passenger wheel flaps about a little bit.
I have heard stories about different tie bars or modifying your own, does anyone know of any solutions to this problem? or where to buy these parts?
The car has just has competition bushes fitted all round which I'm not sure if these are too harsh for the crap roads round my area, what do you think?
maybe its just that its a nova with 3* the power it should have!