Autosparky help needed!!
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Thread: Autosparky help needed!!

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    Autosparky help needed!!

    Earlier this year, had a wee problem with the voltage on my carlton going skyhigh intermittently, putting the gearbox into safe mode and lighting up the ECU light briefly.

    Was suggested could be the alternator regulator gone so swapped the alt for another one (ok, not new or reconditioned but just another one!)

    was driving absolutely fine until yesterday when it suddenly happened again. This time was different tho cos it was doing it only when I accelerated.

    The other half reckons it might be a loose connection or a fecked voltage sender (dont ask me, I think that was what he said!) and that he will have a look at the connections again.

    Also for the past year or so, she's had a wee problem where she wont start unless you wiggle a plug that lots of wires go into and out of in the rear of the engine bay. reckon it might be related?

    any other ideas as to what it might be??
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    Re: Autosparky help needed!!

    Check your alternator earth and thick red wire have good connections. Have a fiddle with them,

    Otherwise it's the alternator.

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