cav turbo gear linkage
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Thread: cav turbo gear linkage

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    cav turbo

    cav turbo gear linkage

    hi chaps does any 1 know how 2 set the linkage up 4 a cav turbo? f28

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    Re: cav turbo gear linkage

    Should be as follows:

    For the gear linkage :

    This should apply to most of the Vaux gearboxes...
    To re set the linkeage...set in neutral, on the top of the gearchange housing on the box there should be a small plastic plug... if you remove this then insert a 4.5 mm drill in the hole that is there and into the gearchange (need to twist the rod one way or the other).Release the clamp on the gearchange tube. Un clip the gearlever cover and push the gearstick to the left and insert a 4.5 mm drill into the two holes there (earlier models need someone to hold it in line with an arrow.Tighten the clamp and all gears should be achieved...don't forget to remove drills!!

    It is recommended to get a new plastic plug, but you should be ok to re use it

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