ABS/Driveshaft/F28 question
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Thread: ABS/Driveshaft/F28 question

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    ABS/Driveshaft/F28 question

    Taken the struts off my 1.6 Mk3 Astra ready for the GSi ones to be fitted for the LET conversion...from the pics i believe the 1.6 ones don't have ABS (off a X16XEL Sport model).

    Although, I believe the GSi struts in the pic do have ABS. Would this be a problem on a non ABS car?

    The driveshafts fit the mechanical speedo F28 box I've got so I assume that they will be ok??

    Am i right or do i definately need non-ABS ones?

    The splines on the driveshafts (indicated in red) come to 33 is this right? Have i counted the right ones?

    Done searches but can't fit exact info and am getting a little fustrated as project is going so damn slow.

    Hope someone can help

    *'97 Astra Derv GSI/SA/Irmscher Kitted*
    *'95 Corsa SRi*
    *'96 Opel Astra 160iE*

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    Re: ABS/Driveshaft/F28 question

    Hi Sam, we'll assume that your car doesn't have ABS; as I'd assume the 1.6 strut to have a sensor on it if it did.

    The GSi/LET shafts have an ABS sensor and the ABS teeth on the driveshafts are actually the bigger, squarer splines on the end of the CV joint (looks a bit like the top of a castle if you see what I mean).

    The fact that your car hasn't got ABS and your fitting ABS driveshafts and legs to the car is not a problem at all, it just means you won't have working ABS. Hope that helps .

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