Which injectors for a mildly tweaked LET?
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Thread: Which injectors for a mildly tweaked LET?

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    Question Which injectors for a mildly tweaked LET?

    Hi all

    My cally's done 106K now and I'm thinking that the injectors could probably do with a clean, but....

    Hanging about on eBay there always seems to be a good choice of both new and used (but cleaned) injectors from various Cosworth, Saab, Rover, Ford engines as well as generic Bosh's from bespoke applications.

    So instead of spending the cash on getting my current ones cleaned, can anybody provide a list of alternative units (and cars they are from) in order of suitability upwards from a std LET to a supertuned one.

    I know Saab red's are seen as an upgrade and X20LET (VX220 Turbo etc) are seen as a minimal improvement over the standard ones.

    Any guidance on what should be used with what mods (currently de-catted, 60mm tophat (bought, not yet fitted), Frontera intercooler (bought, not yet fitted) probably a phase 1-2 coming soon).


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    Re: Which injectors for a mildly tweaked LET?

    for phase 1 or 2 the standard one will be more than up to the job mate. spend the 30 quid or whatever and get them cleaned and they will be fine.

    you need to watch when replacing injectors cause they all work at different impedances and where some might work with the motronic, other will be outwith its driver range. eg cosworth ones.

    thick red - battery, thin black - igntion switched feed, thick red/blue - fuel pump, brown/blue - ecu light. thin green - rev counter.

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