hi peeps here u go

wires under the bonnet

1,brown and green and a brown to the plug in the sunmp

2, 1 straight black

3, brown-black and brown and white

and fuel lines which way they go

the 2 pipes oin the header tank

the ecu in the car,

1, red-blue wire

2, red-black

3, straight green

4, red0white

5, black and red

6, red-purple has it owns conector

7, black

8, black

pipes under the bonnet

1, the pipe off the eco tec pipe if u get me

2, pipe off the left side off the engine under the injectors

3, bottum off the coolent bottle pipe where does it go

4, and there is a pipe off the block under the distributor box where does it go to

5, and there is a pipe on the cooper pipe that feed the engine where does that go 2

thats peeps