Turbo Engine Transplants
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Thread: Turbo Engine Transplants

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    Turbo Engine Transplants

    Hello Chaps

    I've owned my 1994 2.0XE Calibra SE2 for almost 3 years. It looks good: Reiger bumper up front, sapphire cossie vents and so on but just doesn't produce the power I crave (I had a standard cossie eating R5 Turbo before, so it was a step up in the looks department but down in acceleration)

    I've thought long and hard about what I'm going to do. At first I thought about getting rid of the calibra altogether and getting an Escort Cosworth but you know how it is, you spend 14k total on a car and its mods (and new gearbox) and you wont get much more than 5 or 6 thousand in return. So I'm going to keep the calibra for a few more years, but I still want that power.

    So I've made my mind up, I want the 2.0LET engine. This is where I need as much advice as possible, so here goes.
    I don't want to spend too much more money on the car so I want to keep my standard 5 speed 'box. What kind of power and torque will this gearbox handle? No way will I keep the standard 200 bhp, it isn't much more powerful than my current 168bhp.

    The same question goes for the standard 16v driveshaft.

    I'll probably get an AP racing clutch fitted so that's sorted.

    Exactly what parts do I have to source? Obvious ones are the engine, turbo, manifold, intercooler, radiator?, ECU and all pipes etc. What about the petrol tank?
    Do I NEED the loom or are there extensions available?

    Will my current 16v head be ok fitting on the turbo block or is that asking for trouble?

    If I'm lucky and source a good engine from a breakers then that's fine but I don't have the patience to search all that much, so who would you recommend I buy all the gear from?
    I have e-mailed Courteney and Regal with much the same questions as above and of course asking about prices, but I have had no replies from either (3 days since I mailed Courteney and 5 or 6 since I mailed Regal)
    I only want recon units i.e turbo and engine.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    either buy a whole engine or sell your car and buy a calibra turbo these are the easiest ways of doing it..

    gearbox, you can leave the F20 in but expect to replace it every month if you want more than 200bhp and 200ft/lb torque as the 20 in F20 is the max torque rating of the box... i.e. F16 will take 160ft/lb F20 200ft/lb e.t.c

    i think driveshafts should be ok, im not 100% sure...

    why would you need your standard head if you get a whole engine, i'd be suprised if you could find a breakers who would 'break' an entire cally turbo engine into seperate componants....

    personally i'd buy a new turbo loom as it will have all necessary connections... and you should be able to mate it to your cally instruments...

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    TBH, your cheapest option would be to buy a written off Turbo and transplant everything.
    This is of course assuming you have space to do this. Another benefit of doing this is you will be left with lots of trim, bits n bobs, etc that you can sell to re-coup some of your cash.
    Daddy Cool

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