fao jamief - new mbe map
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Thread: fao jamief - new mbe map

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    fao jamief - new mbe map

    thought i would post this up too as i know a few of you like to have a look.
    sorted out the rev spacing, was a good idea, but wasnt done right imo so put it back to standard and redid the whole map

    old: http://16vastra.usererror.org.uk/oth...miecrapmap.ecc
    (better not say who did that map, but dont use it lmao)

    new: http://16vastra.usererror.org.uk/oth...rectedtest.ecc

    let me know how that goes, smoothed out the advance map as well...you would be best to upload the whole map mate as the speed index table was changed, so unlplug the injectors and dispac/coil etc, and let me know if it runs ok...should do lmao but i have all the others if you need to go back and havent kept a record
    if i have missed anything and it doesnt run right then try http://16vastra.usererror.org.uk/oth...ecorrected.ecc as i made that from the mt196 base map, with new limit/fuel/advance so it should be ok

    made a page with some maps FOR REFERENCE ONLY for those who like looking at the pretty shapes, DO NOT USE ON AN ENGINE as sbd dont like giving them away i dont think

    oh pin is 1379 by the way
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