c20 let fault code question
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Thread: c20 let fault code question

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    craig drummond

    c20 let fault code question

    hi all today i got fault code 26 coming up(injection valve cylinder 2 voltage too high) ,about 350 miles ago i fitted uprated ones from wallace performance ( the grey ones) and up until now they have been fine ,so i am a bit surprised /****ed off ,surely they cant be needing cleaned already so does anyone have any ideas? cheers all craig

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    Re: c20 let fault code question

    check the electrical connections.

    If stilh happens, swap an injector with no.2 and see if the fault follows the injector or stays with the same cylinder=wiring.

    It's nothing to do with cleaning

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    craig drummond

    Re: c20 let fault code question

    cheers andy ive checked the connections and they seem fine,i think i will swap the injector over to another like you say and see how it goes from there ............

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