engine judders and pants
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Thread: engine judders and pants

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    engine judders and pants

    I filled up with petrol, and straight away after the car was crap and juddery.

    Got RAC out, he put a thin inbertween the spark lead and the plug, so you can see the spark, and the car rev'd fine and was normal again.
    so he cleaned the dizzy cap and arm, and all was fine, got home no probs, when out again later, 5mins driving and it judder again.
    now its compleatly random when the juddering comes and goes
    once i was limping her home and all of a sudden she came back to life and drove normally again.
    I've changed leads, cleaned TB and put spare ICV on, cleaned dizzy, checed plugs but still it judders now and then,
    When i rev whilst it juddering, it wont go above 1.5k, but as i lift off the accelarator pedal, it will rev up abit, so you can build the revs that way.
    Does that make any sense? somthing to do with presuure somewhere?
    Theres a hole in my bck box aswell, would this have anything to do with it?

    any help please people! i need the bloody car for work
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    Re: engine judders and pants

    I`ve tried everything possible you can change on the car. Read my thread on "jerkiness problem solved?". Maybe you have a fuel blockage also?

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