Ok peeps....

Took my 1.8 MK4 sport ( 115bhp model ) in for a service today at a tuning garage... a good one too. Service all done, so thats good, cheaper than vaux.

anyway, the problem is as follows.

I had bought a decat pipe and a regal manifold from a 1.8 astra mk3. The guy seemed convinced they'd fit the mk4. however two small issues.... both the decat pipe and downpipe on the manifold fit each other perfectly.... BUT the decat pipe wont fit the centre section of my jetex exhaust as it uses the slide over type of connection and the decat pipe needs the bolt on one. And at the other end the manifold although it WOULD fit, the oil sump is in the way slightly.... so in the end neither of these pieces will fit.

so I need ideas.... would powerflow / freeflow / regal etc... be able to do something with this or should I cut my losses and sell the decat pipe and manifold off to a 1.8 mk3 owner to whom they'll fit straight on no hassle ?????? really wanted them too! would have made a fair difference.

anyway not happy now as feel as though I've wasted the cash!!!!!