C14NZ gearbox problem
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Thread: C14NZ gearbox problem

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    C14NZ gearbox problem

    Hi all,
    just wonderin if you guys might know what the problem is:

    pretty much I CANT select 1st or 2nd gear most of the time. It just wont slip in, but i can get all the other gears REV & 3rd to 5th. I took a look at the linkage and it seems a bit loose so took it to a garage, he says that i might need to replace entire gearbox as there is a leak where the linkage meets the top of the gearbox.

    just wonderin if i will have to? and if i do, is it worth it to find a different box? i think that it's an F13 but not sure
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    Re: C14NZ gearbox problem

    Mine does that - 2nd can be a bit of a pig when the gearbox is cold but when its warmed up a bit it sometimes frees up a bit.

    I'm getting used to 1st to 3rd changes now
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