Hello friends. It take some pics of my new big turbo, is really nice turbine... i didnīt believe thats fits in Astra, but i did that! . The flow of this turbine is perfect in high rev, and in high boost this donīt get so hotter the air. Now with 1 bar of pressure have the same power that when i running with 1,5 bar with the my former turbine(0.42 compressor).
The turbo is Garret APL240 rotors, with A/R.50 compressor and A/R.63 compressor.
See the pics below, the pic of airflow meter together is for have better idea of size.

I will take some pics of my engine bay and will post too. Im so happy with this turbo configuration of my C20NE, now, i need a forged rods(the standard ones is my limit for power) and after, a good intercooler. The intercooler i canīt put big one in front bumper.. its only can put small ones. I donīt have much experience with big frount mounted intercooler. Then, if somebody here have a picture of what parts of bumper of Astra MK2 need mod to put a big intercooler in it, and where need pass the hoses, i will be so much apreciated.