Sump Oil Level Float Sender
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Thread: Sump Oil Level Float Sender

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    Unhappy Sump Oil Level Float Sender

    Typical end to a crappy week.

    So, there I am trying to sort a few minor things. To be exact the fact that the oil level warning light is on.

    Wiring, checked OK.

    Decide to remove the float sender from the sump.
    First three bolts come undone with no probs, actually quite lose.
    Last bolt, shears off about 4mm proud of the sump!
    I was using a spanner no longer than 5" and hardly putting any effort into it what the heck is going on. It was a fresh shear too, not somebody glueing it into place after it happening ages ago.

    Anyway, I then find that you can't remove the sender (at least I couldnt see how to and the exhaust downpipe could be in a better position) but did manage to move the float up and down through the senders "gate" a few (20) times.

    I did note that sometimes whilst moving the sender upwards (ie. towards low oil level) it did meet some resistance and stop.

    Couldn't be bothered to sort out the stud this evening but after re-assembly the oil low level warning light is still on so perhaps the whole sender unit is farked (weird as it was fine before the car stopped being used).

    Is it necessary to remove the sump to change the sender? and how easy is sump removal, ie. what else has to come off to do it?

    Anybody else sheared off one of these bolts and currently running with 3 and no leaks? (I can probably get the bolt out with a stud extractor, I'm just thinking worst case).

    Nice start to the weekend. Not.


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    Re: Sump Oil Level Float Sender

    i was cleaning inside my sump the other day and when i looked at the level sensor the insulation on the wires inside the sump had gone brittle and some was missing.when you touched it more fell off
    if the same has happened to yours its possible the wires could be touching and making the light come on

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