if a car has c20xe engine from new and somebody put a 20xe engine in is there lots of problem or changes that can occury. i,ve given numbers off log book to my dealer and they say the reg is wrong. also i took the car to an exhaust company near me and they said that it was strange to find a car with 3 boxes and not one is a cat.
they found me the parts i needed to fit the new system but after i fitted it there were knocks and vibrations. ive had the engine mounts done cause they were shot to bits and was hoping that this would solve it but it didnt also ive had a jetex exhausted fitted and it wont fit right it never came up before because when ibought the carit sat like it changed the system and it sat like the took it to a so called exhaust specialist and they werent really helpful as ididnt buy it from them (which i can under st and)