Turbo Boost Guage Location, "Range" & Make?
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Thread: Turbo Boost Guage Location, "Range" & Make?

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    Turbo Boost Gauge Location, "Range" & Make?


    I'm highly considering fitting a boost gauge to my Calibra Turbo as it will be going back on the road with a dump valve and I'd like to see whats going on with pressures.

    Firstly, has anybody ever seen a modified centre console gauge bit with 3 cutouts to take the existing 2 gauges and a boost gauge? It seems quite a straight forward request really and I'm sure all these people doing stainless bits could knock one up quite easily, does anybody do one?

    Presuming the answer to the question above is no, where do people normally stick the gauge? I've seen windscreen pillar pods but don't think they are that nice, the other seems to be a single stand alone pod which I guess would look OK in the space under the ash tray under the 2 existing gauges. Perahps I could even fit it into the ash tray door as its not used.

    So presuming I've found a nice place to mount it, most of the gauges seem to be +-30psi which would be fine for a totally balls out engine but even on a pretty well tuned up setup would only ever use around half the +'ve range.
    Do most people just put up with only using half the gauge or is there a supply of "sensible" gauges that I've yet to find.
    The only one which seems to be sensible currently is http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/catalo...MITMP1-3832-21 which goes -1 to +1.5 bar. (The colour will be ok too which is a bonus)

    Any others I should look at?

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    Re: Turbo Boost Guage Location, "Range" & Make?

    They aren't any good having them low down because you can't take your eyes off the road when it's boosting.

    Fit a single stand alone pod ontop of the dash in the corner.

    THere have been 2 similar posts about this recently.

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