News of my engine.
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Thread: News of my engine.

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    News of my engine.

    After the porous head that I had on my head, I bought a coscast head.
    Also I had rebuild some parts.
    Now the specs of my engine are the above:

    K&N panel filter
    Coscast head with headwork (porting&polishing) on Superflow center.
    Compration Ratio 10.99:1
    Pitstons have now deeper pockets and new rings.
    New pillow blocks on con rods
    ARP Rod Bolts
    Adjustable Verniers for best valve timing.
    SBD Type A exhaust manifold
    Americat metalic cat
    Custom handmade exhaust with 2 stainles steel boxes (54mm diameter).
    Quaife ATB differential on F20 Gearbox.

    I am very happy with the performance of my car. It is have very torque and you feel a continious pull when you accelarate even with 3rd gear. When the c20xe engines working good, they are brilliant!
    Yesterday I won a race against a honda civic vti '92 that have ram air system and a full exhaust system. He was on front of me only in two first gears. When I changed on third I was won distance very fast, and at 75 mph we are in the same. At 85 mph (before I change on 4rth gear I was one car in front of him. At 107 mph with 4rth gear I was 2,5 cars in front of him!
    Also we were three people on my car and he had only two. He couldn't believe how I won the race!

    I will go very soon in the dyno to see the performance. I am expecting about 160 bhp to be happy, but with very good torque band.

    The next step for me is to have a lighter flywheel, I have the pot type (9,5 kg, very much!) and in the future I will go for a aftermarket inlet manifold (like lexmaul or regal), camshafts from enem or schrick and for a custop chip that it will be setup on the dyno.
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