sorted,missing on omega v6
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Thread: sorted,missing on omega v6

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    sorted,missing on omega v6

    Hi Guy,s,
    I finally got the missing on my omega mv6 v6 sorted,it has cost me a fortune,started of by fitting a set of plug leads from a motor factors,that didn't do it,got a new coil pack ,this made a difference,but unfortunately so much fuel had gone down the exhausts[you could smell it in the tailpipe]that it had ruined the cats and lambda sensors.
    so last week we fitted 2 new lambda sensors and 2 new cats and guess what!!!![wrong it still did it]so a friend of a friend[6 friends later]said well you have eliminated everything,its the plug leads.
    so saturday morning,I got this friend of a friend to fit me a new set of plug leads,full cam belt kit,water pump and auxilary belt,just to be on the safe side.
    anyway,it runs like a dream now!!!!
    So I have just treated it to a set of Steinmetz st1 8.5x17 alloys.

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    Get some pics up, sounds good
    They're there, in their room.

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