right mate

here you go,a how to on swapping gear clusters, the first thread i did was lost in the crash...

firstly remove the turret on the top of the gearbox, there are 4 11mm bolts holding it on,put the box in neutral first

now remove the 13mm bolts around the casing

now withdraw the cluster from the box, you may need to lever(strike, bash, whatever) it off at first as it is mounted on lugs,you can use the lug circled to do this

this is what you are removing,the gear cassette, you may need to drop onebolt from the gearbox mount to allow it to clear the inner wing upon removal, or you can bash/cut the wing out of the way too

now do the same to the spare box, before reffiting you must check for the thrust washer that goes inside the gearbox, it normally stays in the box stuck to its place by gear oil here

remove it from the box and place it on this shaft before reffiting to your box or you will bot get reverse

hoep this helps mate,and trust me, it may look complex, but its easy and way easier than swapping your whole box